I've received my Order but would like to compare it to another size?

Would you now? No worries. Sometimes you just can't quite tell if the size you have is the true, blue, perfect fit - and we don't blame you, its an itch that needs to be scratched.

If you have made a purchase for, lets say, a size Large BIG FOUR Jacket but its a bit roomy in the shoulders, and you are thinking 'I would love to try a size Medium to compare', well you are luck. 

We are happy to help quell your sizing despair but there are just a couple of things you need to do before everything is squared away. 

  • Place an order through our website for the size you are after, e.g. the Medium BIG FOUR Jacket.
  • Add a note to your order detailing your plan to compare the size to your previous order. Please reference this previous order in the note.
  • We will send the new order out to you quick smart so you can try on and compare. 
  • Once you are happy with the size of the jacket, send us back the size you do NOT want using our Returns & Exchanges form. 
  • When the item is back in our hands and we are satisfied with its condition, we will promptly and happily provide you with a full refund for the returned item. 


Before undertaking this process we recommend viewing our  Returns & Exchanges Section

Or if your are ready to begin the Return/Exchange Process, click here.

International buyer? Please visit our International Orders Section for details around our International Returns & Exchanges.