What do I do if my product is faulty?

Okay, so its all gone pear shaped and your item isn't performing up to scratch because of a manufacturing fault. A manufacturing fault is something we all wished was a myth - but unfortunately it does happen time to time. 

If you believe the order you have received has a manufacturing fault please  click here and we will do right by you. You will be asked to take a couple of photos and a quick description about the fault.

Do note, a manufacturing fault is normally something which becomes apparent very early on in the products use and is something which impairs the functionality of the product. 

And of course, if your are not 100% sure or have any questions regarding a faulty product please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We aim to provide the top quality hunting gear and the moment that isn't happening, well..., we all come a bit embarrassed. 

To begin the Returns/Exchange process, click here.

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