Should I Review a Product?

We know. Another request for your feedback on a product. Will it ever end? 

The team behind Bushbuck are down to earth and understand our customers are busy people, but if you do have a spare few minutes we always love to hear about your experience with our gear. Plus just for your trouble, every review submitted goes in the draw to with a bundle of free gear. Not too bad for a few taps of your keyboard. 

We would never expect lengthy reviews from our customers (however we are chuffed when we get them), we just like to offer a place where our customers can provide direct feedback to us and other customers about what we are doing right and wrong. We have found this to be the most reliable way of building trust with our audience and it is a highly valuable resource for other shoppers. 

If you have had a great experience with the Bushbuck gear (or a bad one) feel free to let us know! Every review is read and taken on board to help us improve and refine our service and products. 

For those of you who have taken the time to write a quick something, we would like to say thanks from the Bushbuck team. Your support and feedback has been a corner stone in the growth of Bushbuck. Keep up the great work!