How does Spin to Win work?

1. Go to  www.bushbuckoutdoors.com just wait approx 2-5 seconds and a pop up should appear from the left hand side of the screen, it works on mobile to ; ). (please note you only get one chance every 24 hours)

2. Enter your email address in the email box & hit the "Try Your Luck" button

3. You only have 60 mins to use the discount code you receive after hitting the "Try Your Luck" Button. If you don't win what you want, try again tomorrow.

Terms & Conditions

  • * You can only spin the wheel once per day (every 24 hours). 
  • *Discount codes are available for 60  minutes only and only apply to certain collections. eg. if it says 40% off "Bushbuck" this means off the "Bushbuck" brand only. Please note this discount excludes Clearance items.
  • *Free Shipping *NZ - You must spend over $50 to receive your free shipping
  • "Bushbuck" means Bushbuck branded clothing or accessories. eg. You will only get a discount off "Bushbuck" branded clothing & accessories. 
  • Campaign ends midnight 03/01/2018
  • Discounts do not apply to "gift cards" apart from if it states "everything" eg.. "15% off everything"