Brand History

When the company first started in 2012 the brand logo was made up of the Bushbuck word inblock letters with a stag antler attached to the K (Orange in color).

Early in 2016 Bushbuck went through a brand logo change with the launch of their new international website. Bushbuck removed the antler off the K, did some minor modifications to the block letters and added a red icon to the overall brand logo.

The red icon represents a Chamois Buck a NZ hunted species that was introduced to the South Island of New Zealand. It lives & flourishes in our rugged New Zealand mountains. The icon is made up of the chamois in red with legs/feet creating the mountains below & the sun behind him. The Chamois Bushbuck®icon represents everything the Bushbuck®brand is about which is primarily having fun out hunting & adventuring in the outdoors whilst being confident in the elements & the rugged mountain terrains . The Chamois Bushbuck®Icon sometimes goes by the name of Shelford the Chamois or #shelfordthechamois used in social media channels such as instagramfacebook.